Mar. 31st, 2013

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There are so many podfics out there that I want to rec, but getting it all together is proving a bit difficult (damn perfectionist tendencies!), so I have decided to rec along while I listen, and try to catch up on the older stuff (well, older to me anyway, in listening time) as I can.

I downloaded [ profile] drvsilla's PBR (Professional Bull Riding) 'Verse a long time ago, probably a year at least. At the time, I thought "Professional Bull Riding? This probably isn't for me... and it's LONG!" but because I am a collector and a hoarder, I downloaded it... and promptly put it at the bottom of my LLoP (long list of podfic). And when I got to it? I skipped over it in favor of starting on SPN podfic.

But as I was searching out fanfic from communities recced by my sister, [ profile] hsifeng, I noticed that in the top 30 list of one of them ([ profile] sawedoff_recs?) there it was. So I decided to listen.

And man, I LOVE it! It has pulled me into a world that I didn't even really think about before, and is so well written (and well-read by one of my favorite readers, [ profile] chemm80 that I find myself gravitating to it even when I would normally be doing something else. So here are the links!

PBR 'Verse links & stuff )

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