Apr. 3rd, 2015

sgorny: (Jensen)
In case anyone is looking at this journal to see if it's active, the answer is...

... kind of.

Meaning that:

1) I work 6 days a week, and commute a distance for 3 of them, so I have little free time.

2) I started my own business in the last year, which takes a lot of my time.

3) I have been CRAZY into Supernatural, and listening to a lot of podfic (during exercise and aforementioned commuting), which leaves little time for much else. I downloaded *literally* 815 different SPN podfics, and well over 400 J2 podfics, and have completed all the J2, and about 150 of the SPN.

4) Oh, and I have a family that I've been neglecting.

That being said, I *really* miss the feeling of community that I found here during the Queer as Folk days. It probably is as much, if not more, due to my being overly scheduled than a lack of community in Live Journal.

I *really* hope if anyone is reading this, and contemplating either 1) removing me from their fic lists, or 2) wondering if they should add me; that they PLEASE KEEP ME/LET ME IN!

And any SPN/J2 fanfic recs, or podfic recs, or ficlist recs, would be GREATLY appreciated!

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