May. 28th, 2017

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... but I've been wanting to do it for a while.

I have listened to literally hundreds (if not over a thousand) audiofics. A vast majority are in the Supernatural fandom - from canon, to AU, to RPF. And I have rated them all (in my iTunes), from 1-5 stars.

I want to list all my 5 star recs, with links to the audiofic. If the link (usually to somewhere in isn't available, I will try to upload it to Box. My problem is that all the ones I upload have an https://, not an http://. If anyone knows how to fix that, I'd appreciate the knowledge. I want to set up a database of my favorite fics, and share.

I have a new community for it, and will post the link here once I have something there!

Audiofic Journal Entry 1/?
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Now, realize these are my personal ratings. Either incredible story, or very hot! Sometimes good stories get left out because the recording is hard for me to listen to. I will divide & upload with descriptions & links. This is just my outline. And of course, I'd always appreciate recommendations!

These are not in in particular order, just from my iTunes playlist.

Over 150 5 Star Rated SPN Audiofics, Masterlist )
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Here are the first 5!

1) Break the Lock if It Don't Fit - 44:54, author - fleshflutter
2) Let My Lusts Be My Ruin - 10:34, author - veronamay
3) Blowjob Queen - 34:15, author - homo pink, reader - tipsy kitty
4) The Bitch - 1:00:52, author - Stele3
5) Firecrotch - 28:50, dramaphile

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