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I have been plowing through all the J2 podfic I could find - over 350 fics! And I rated them all from 0-5 stars on my iPod. I am going to try to list all the ones I rated at 4-5 stars, with links for easy access, which will be a big project.

So I decided to start smaller... with 8 of my favorite podfics. Here we go!  )

Wow, that's like *62* Hours of podfic, unless I counted wrong!

I'll work on some links to shorter works, as I know sometimes the long ones can seem daunting. And let me know if any of the links don't work - I'll fix 'em!.
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Last year, I downloaded ALL the J2 podfic I could find on LJ & from General Jinjur.

That was over 350 podfics - & I listened to almost all of them. And rated them on my iPod.

So I am going to come back to this again in the future & make a list of my favorites, with links.
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J2 at VegasCon 2013!

J2 )

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I have my Gold Pass & my VIP card, plus the #1 (& #2) upgrade slots for next year!

Man, the girls at the front of the line were a bit testy about me & my sister getting to be in front of them, which made no sense (since all Gold Seats are pre-assigned) until I realized that the upgrade options for next year went in line order. So I guess I would have been a little upset, too, if I had been waiting (as she had) since 3 p.m. to get the first one, & I breezed in at 8:45 & took her place.  And got Upgrades #1 & 2.


Can't wait for tomorrow, when the festivities start! But first, I'm going to try to get a good nights sleep, hit the hotel spa tomorrow morning for a workout, steamroom, sauna, & jacuzzi, and then it's go time!


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Is it just me, or does Supernatural seem to pack about 35 minutes into an hour show?

cut for 3/20 preview spoiler )
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If you forget that someone isn't there (& hasn't been for 2 days), do you think they would be upset to think you hadn't noticed before?

By which I mean, saying (once) "I keep forgetting you're gone until you don't answer me."

Wow, that looks much worse written out...
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I lost my FREAKING MIND and got VIP tickets to Supernatural Las Vegas for me & my sister.

I'm freaking out, but I can't wait!

Hi, all!

Nov. 19th, 2012 01:12 pm
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Just stopping by my journal to let anyone who might be interested know that I'm still around. I usually stalk ONTD, and search out J2 & SPN fanfic, but haven't really been posting to my own journal.

But this *is* an active journal... and if there was a good Android app for it, I'd be here more often!
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From 'Sons of Anarchy' my favourite quote - 'life was so much easier when I was just sucking dick',
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... or is anyone else reading reviews of "Rock of Ages" and thinking... 


Did we see the same movie?  Because that was just... not.

Campy?  Yes. Not to Rocky Horror Picture Show levels, but still, campy.  It's like they either went quite a bit a little too far, or they didn't go far enough, depending on what their end goal was - good musical, or camp classic.

Or is it just me?

ETA: from the lack of responses, I'll assume it's just me.
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I thought I should drop by and post a note to let anyone who might be interested know that 1) I am alive, and 2) this is an active journal.

I've been really caught up with RL stuff, and mostly have had my Kindle with me, so posting to LJ is pretty hard.  But I've been scouring AO3 for fic, which has seriously eaten my brain (and *not* in a weird zombie way).  I've DL'd any multi-kudo'd fic in my multiple fandoms - J2, SPN, MyChem, Panic!, Adam Lambert et al - and have like 550+ fics to read...

I was avoiding reading SPN fanfic until I got caught up on the seasons, which I *finally* am.  And I got an ASUS Transformer Pad, so I can easily access the internet (and, by extension, LJ), so I plan to be around more.  And I'm going to haunt [ profile] hsifeng's SPN recs!  And *finally* get more involved in LJ's SPN communities!

New Icon!

Apr. 7th, 2012 07:18 pm
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I figured, since I'm in the fandom now, I should make an icon for my posts.  Although I love my Eye of Horus tattoo icon, still, too!  

Ah, Jensen!  Did you know, that's a family name of mine?  3 generations, back, but still.  Small world!
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While I am a Dean!girl, I *love* Sam's sharp nose...

*yeah, not a weirdo*
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I just asked for "one more dick" instead of "one more drink."  In my defense, I was reading Supernatural fanfic, so I was easily confused.  #shouldbecutoff
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OMG!  My new Kindle Touch has become my fanfic vault!!! That .mobi format works well!

I can't wait to use it at the gym tomorrow - I'll have to keep an eye on the time, or I'm sure I'll get distracted and go over.

And while the additional exercise wouldn't kill me, risking my job being late?  Might.
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  • Пн, 00:51: Wow, insomnia really sucks. Bet I'll be sleeping hard by 5, when I have to get up.
  • Пн, 05:39: Yup, I was right - finally sleeping well, & it's time to get up. #IHateInsomnia
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  • Пт, 08:56: Crap, feft my coat home, & it's a high of 40 degF today.

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Nov. 23rd, 2011 12:17 pm
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  • Tue, 18:27: Hives. I have freaking hives, with no causative factors or changes in routine. 1st time ever. This sucks.

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