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I have added another 10 audiofics, making it a grand total of (8+15) 23!! This is going to take a lot longer than I thought...

SPN Audiofic Project 3/? (#6-15/155)

5) Firecrotch - 28:50, dramaphile
6) A Priori - 9:31, author - Obstinatrix
7) Trifecta - 35:59, author - setissma, reader - applegeuse
8) Well Trained - 31:18, author - Bewaretheides15
9) Double or Nothing - 21:27, author - Lazy_daze
10) Easy Access - 17:31, author - Valiant
11) Sunday School - 12:35, author - Pianoforeplay
12) If I Ever Lose my faith in You - 24:26, author - JustineDelarge
13) House of Yes - 8:25, author RivkaT
14) And Here We Go Again (We Know The Start, We Know The End) - 14:21, reena_jenkins
15) Office Space - 23:00
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Here are the first 5!

1) Break the Lock if It Don't Fit - 44:54, author - fleshflutter
2) Let My Lusts Be My Ruin - 10:34, author - veronamay
3) Blowjob Queen - 34:15, author - homo pink, reader - tipsy kitty
4) The Bitch - 1:00:52, author - Stele3
5) Firecrotch - 28:50, dramaphile
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Now, realize these are my personal ratings. Either incredible story, or very hot! Sometimes good stories get left out because the recording is hard for me to listen to. I will divide & upload with descriptions & links. This is just my outline. And of course, I'd always appreciate recommendations!

These are not in in particular order, just from my iTunes playlist.

Over 150 5 Star Rated SPN Audiofics, Masterlist )
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... but I've been wanting to do it for a while.

I have listened to literally hundreds (if not over a thousand) audiofics. A vast majority are in the Supernatural fandom - from canon, to AU, to RPF. And I have rated them all (in my iTunes), from 1-5 stars.

I want to list all my 5 star recs, with links to the audiofic. If the link (usually to somewhere in isn't available, I will try to upload it to Box. My problem is that all the ones I upload have an https://, not an http://. If anyone knows how to fix that, I'd appreciate the knowledge. I want to set up a database of my favorite fics, and share.

I have a new community for it, and will post the link here once I have something there!

Audiofic Journal Entry 1/?
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I just washed a Lane Bryant underwire bra for the first time. And I even hung it to dry.

Now it is squeaking every time I breathe. And if I push on the underwires, it is those that are making the sound.

Does anyone know what I can do to make it better? Or am I stuck being a creaky old woman!?!
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Wow, I just checked. I have been an LJ member since Dec 11, 2003! Even though I have hardly posted in the last few years...

Now with the changes in the TOS I figured I'd better get establish somewhere else... And then discovered that I had set this DW acct up in the past!

Now to just try to figure out how to find the people who share my interests... When I have almost no time to do it.

Or maybe I'll keep up my typical habit of simply lurking lately.
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... & I don't even know how to find anybody.
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I just realized that it has probably been a year since I have posted here. Life is just been too crazy, I work 6 days a week, and have little time to catch up on anything else. I do however love listening to great podfic, especially Supernatural and J2. In fact, on my long commute, and at the gym that is usually what I do.

I previously downloaded literally almost a thousand podfics of both J2 and SPN for my iPod. But there are times when I am out and about with just my phone, and like to check to see if there is anything new.

It seems like the audiofic archive by jinjurly has been down for maintenance for quite a while. Does anyone know anything about this?

Of course, it's been so long since I've been on here, that I will probably get no replies at all.

I hope life has been treating everyone well! Let me know if anyone out there is listening.
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In case anyone is looking at this journal to see if it's active, the answer is...

... kind of.

Meaning that:

1) I work 6 days a week, and commute a distance for 3 of them, so I have little free time.

2) I started my own business in the last year, which takes a lot of my time.

3) I have been CRAZY into Supernatural, and listening to a lot of podfic (during exercise and aforementioned commuting), which leaves little time for much else. I downloaded *literally* 815 different SPN podfics, and well over 400 J2 podfics, and have completed all the J2, and about 150 of the SPN.

4) Oh, and I have a family that I've been neglecting.

That being said, I *really* miss the feeling of community that I found here during the Queer as Folk days. It probably is as much, if not more, due to my being overly scheduled than a lack of community in Live Journal.

I *really* hope if anyone is reading this, and contemplating either 1) removing me from their fic lists, or 2) wondering if they should add me; that they PLEASE KEEP ME/LET ME IN!

And any SPN/J2 fanfic recs, or podfic recs, or ficlist recs, would be GREATLY appreciated!
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I've been in Westeros, Dorne, & to The Wall and back for the last 6 months. Now I join the world begging George R.R. Martin to *WRITE*!!!!

That being said, I *so* look forward to catching up on all the fic that's been writen in the past 6 months since Fire & Ice stole my mind.

SPN & J2, here I come!

Any recommendations would be welcome! I especially love Were fic!
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I am currently diving into both the written (spoken) and visual (TV series) of Game of Thrones. And it got me thinking...

I'm really liking Game of Thrones, and I'm only on S1E6. And I'm really trying to get caught up for the new season, which is starting tomorrow!

I also previously bought, but hadn't listened to, the first book from Audible, which is 33 hr 53 minutes to cover 73 chapters in 704 pages. I started listening to it after I started the TV show, and really enjoy how it fills in a lot of back story that they had to skim over on screen.


Spoilers )

And that is in the first 2.5 hours of the first audiobook!

All these things make it more interesting. Anyone else reading and watching... or has read before watching or vice versa? What is your take?

I am pretty far behind in the audiobook from where I am in the TV show, and decided to try to figure out how long it was going to take me to listen to the entire published series so far (5 books). I figure I can listen to it at the gym (45 minutes, 5-7 days a week), on the way to and from work in Covington (30 minutes each way, 3 days a week), and doing chores... about 7-8 hours a week.

Breaking that down...
4273 - number of pages
344 - number of chapters
11933 (~199) - minutes (hours) of audiobooks
~25-29 - weeks it will take at 7-8 hrs/week

So, if I don't slack at all (which is unlikely)... it will take 6-7 months minimum. Wow...

I think I'll keep a counter! Where am I now...


155 / 11933 minutes. 1% done!

TV Series (10 episodes a season, S4 in production):

5 / 40 episodes. 13% done!

Oh, yeah!

Feb. 17th, 2014 08:36 am
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Going with [ profile] hsifeng to Supernatural Vegas 2014 (SinCon) as VIP's, baby!
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Anyone hate the new way the "Add to Memories" button works as much as me?

How the Hell do you add your own tags? It used to be so easy!

Or maybe it still is, & I just don't know how to use the new system...
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... is a little too masculine to be pretty, a little pretty to be so... rugged.

Jensen's appearance, in 3 words...


In short, an amazingly beautiful man!

(fanfic cited)

Oh, and it's pretty kinky, dom/sub stuff... so click at your own risk!
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In case anyone is checking my LJ out to see if I'm a real person or a troll (since I'm friending a lot of new people who write wonderful Supernatural or J2 fanfic), I just wanted to say...

I'm real!!!

And I rarely post, because SUPERNATURAL HAS EATEN MY BRAIN!!! Like the prettiest zombie ever...

If anyone wants to recommend a good fanfic, podfic, vid, etc, I'd be more than happy to have it!
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Wow, Jensen Ackles & Channing Tatum both had their first child born on May 30th... & both babies were girls!


If Jensen wasn't on Supernatural,  I think they would be competing for the same roles... & I know who I'd prefer! 


The similarities never cease!


I look forward to what the future holds for Jensen,  Daneel, & sweet baby Justice!


ETA: And now, magazines are saying Everly Tatum was born May 31st, so maybe not on the same day? Or the magazine was wrong... Glad if they each have their own day!

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I was updating my iPod today from [ profile] nwhepcat's podfic recs, and looked at my "J2 Favs" playlist, which I haven't updated in forever. Since they made my top podfic list, I thought I'd share them here!

J2 Podficcy Goodness Lies Within! )
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[ profile] j2_recs- literally THE VAULT for J2 fanfic, broken down by tags to let you easily find anything your heart desires.

J2 Recs - Non-con - a vast compendium of various slave!fic (a personal favorite) & other non-con or dub-con J2 fic from [ profile] j2_recs

I will be adding to this list as I read along!
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There are so many podfics out there that I want to rec, but getting it all together is proving a bit difficult (damn perfectionist tendencies!), so I have decided to rec along while I listen, and try to catch up on the older stuff (well, older to me anyway, in listening time) as I can.

I downloaded [ profile] drvsilla's PBR (Professional Bull Riding) 'Verse a long time ago, probably a year at least. At the time, I thought "Professional Bull Riding? This probably isn't for me... and it's LONG!" but because I am a collector and a hoarder, I downloaded it... and promptly put it at the bottom of my LLoP (long list of podfic). And when I got to it? I skipped over it in favor of starting on SPN podfic.

But as I was searching out fanfic from communities recced by my sister, [ profile] hsifeng, I noticed that in the top 30 list of one of them ([ profile] sawedoff_recs?) there it was. So I decided to listen.

And man, I LOVE it! It has pulled me into a world that I didn't even really think about before, and is so well written (and well-read by one of my favorite readers, [ profile] chemm80 that I find myself gravitating to it even when I would normally be doing something else. So here are the links!

PBR 'Verse links & stuff )

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